Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this book available in stores?
Answer: No. You can only get this book directly from this site.

Question: Can I order a hardcopy of the book?
Answer: No. This book is available in electronic form only. You may certainly download it and print a copy after purchasing however!

Question: Can I pay for my ebook with a check or money order?
Answer: Because the book is delivered electronically, only online orders with payment via PayPal/credit card.

All orders are processed through with "PayPal", which has the most secure ordering process possible. No human will  see your bank account information and no credit card numbers are stored. In fact it is even more secure than ordering over the phone or sending something in the mail.

Question: How will the charge for this book appear on my credit card statement?
Answer: It will simply say "PayPal".

Question: I’m on a Mac. Will I still be able to download and view the eBook?
Absolutely. The book is available as a PDF, which is viewable on both PC and Mac.

Question: I have an iPad / iPhone. Can I read my book on there?

Answer: Yes. You can download it using the Safari browser and read it that way.

You can also download the book to your desktop or laptop, then email yourself the book as an attachment, and open it on your iPad. Pinch and zoom to size the PDF on your screen.

There are also several apps in the Apple App Store for reading PDFs. GoodReader is a nice one, and it costs only 99¢. There are also some free ones: Try iBooks, CloudReaders, or Stanza.

Question: Can I read the eBook on my mobile phone?
Many mobile phones offer PDF viewing. There’s a mobile version of Adobe Reader for Android and Symbian phones. Some Blackberry phones have a built-in PDF viewer, and there are also apps available for PDF viewing as well. Try PDF to Go (by DataViz), Repligo (by Cerience), or eOffice (by QuickOffice Inc).

Type “How to read PDFs on my [your phone type and style]” into any search engine and you should find plenty of solutions.

Question: I live outside of the United States. Will I be charged in US dollars or in my own country’s currency?
When your order is processed, the banks will automatically determine the conversion rate. Your order form will clearly state the currency.

Question: I placed my order, but didn’t get a download page. What happened?
Either your credit card was declined or the order did not process successfully. If your order was processed, you would have been taken to a download page and you would have received a receipt email from "PayPal". If you aren’t certain, contact  your credit card company to find out if a charge from "PayPal" was charged to your account.

Question: I purchased the book, but can’t download it. What should I do?
Email us at the customer service email on your order receipt for the fastest resolution. Or you can use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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